Web Design

Designified specialises in creating bespoke web presences for our clients in a wide range of industries.

That's fancy talk for designing, producing and maintaining web sites and programming both back-end (server) and front-end (browser) web technologies.

From updating an existing small business site to building complete web applications, web sites by Designified unify usability and accessibility as well as compelling visual design. Utilising responsive design, web-standards and a variety of modern technologies to provide the best user experience possible, our work focuses on making your site easy to use and delivering your message effectively.


We provide a full branding design service for our clients.

From updating or the design of logos, colour schemes and other brand equity, through to production of business stationery, signage, vehicle livery and display materials, Designified can handle all branding requirements in-house, or in conjunction with your existing partners and suppliers. 3D modelling and rendering, photography and copy-writing are all examples of additional services which we provide to our clients, providing a one-stop solution for your branding requirements.

Interior Spaces

We've also been tasked with designing and overseeing the building & installation of some pretty funky interior spaces.

About Us

Since 2004 Designified has been designing, producing and supporting websites and applications for our broad base of clients, along with branding and print design, [and the odd foray into interiors for one rather large client].

Our Clients

Old and new, small and large - a selection of the clients whose ideas we've helped bring to life over the last two decades:

P&G Logo
National Geographic Channel Logo
Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons Logo
Gillette Logo
Homebase Logo
Leading Light Design Logo
The Association of Catering Excellence Logo
Skillwise Logo
Yum! Restaurants International Logo
Cellnovo Logo
Farnborough College of Technology Logo
Learning Curve Group Logo

Tackling your creative requirements

Our focus is on understanding your creative and business requirements to allow us to deliver the correct technical solution to fit your needs. In some cases a simple web-presence is all this required, other times larger sites may need a CMS (Content Management System - where the client is able to use a secure web interface to update the content of their site), a database driven catalog of products or a full-blown web-application - custom-built for the specific business requirements. Whatever the scope of your project, we will produce the optimal solution in a timely, cost-effective and well-managed fashion.