Don't be evil huh...

All I wanted to do was install Postman – a Chrome (browser) extension. In order to install Chrome extensions, it appears you now need to ‘Sign in to Chrome’ (which allows you to sync various things, but I don’t want to do that) which signs you in to your Google account (it would appear to me that you can’t install extensions without a Google account). You can tick a small checkbox to select what you want to sync, but when it then presents a list of checkboxes of things to potentially sync you can’t deselect everything – you must sync at least one of the options, so I opted to just sync themes. Once the extension had installed I then logged out of my Google account but then I noticed that this doesn’t sign you out of Chrome – I had to do that manually from the Chrome menu (this is on OSX). And now I notice that it has installed an icon to the ‘Chrome App Launcher’ to my dock, uninvited and without my permission.

Don’t be evil? I think that ship has long since sailed…

Update 26th Nov 2013

Despite having deleted the above mentioned ‘Chrome App Launcher’ from my Dock, it’s back – again without my permission.

Written by , Wednesday 30th October 2013


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