Google Chrome font display problems on OSX

I’ve been seeing a problem in Chrome for a while now (latest version of Chrome 23.0.1271.64 on OSX 10.6.8) where some text is not rendered correctly – it comes out as square boxes with various unusual characters inside.

It would appear that the problem is:

Cause: You have a font manager installed, such as Suitcase Fusion, which maintains fonts outside of the Mac OS X fonts folder. If the manager activates a Web font that is also a “system” font, such as Arial or Tahoma, when Chrome Beta requests the font from the system it will be directed to the managed copy. Unfortunately however, Chrome’s security model does not allow it to access and load font files outside of the system fonts folder.

And it is logged as a bug:

I am using FontExplorer X Pro for typeface management so I’m squarely in the potential bug landscape.

The answer posted by Matt (MDub) in this Google Groups post seems to fix for me (for the moment):

  1. FontExplorer X Pro > Preferences > Font Requests

  2. Add a new rule (+ button)

  3. Select following settings: Permission: Allow; Application: Google Chrome (use the Choose... button to navigate to Chrome in your Applications folder); Font: any

  4. Save

  5. restart Chrome

Update 23 Nov ’12

Looks like I spoke too soon – although the problem seems less prevalent, I’ve just opened a page on techcrunch which is showing the original problem…

Written by , Monday 12th November 2012


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