Illustrator + FontExplorer bug - empty Colour Swatch Books

I had a problem with Adobe Illustrator (CS5 v15.1.0) displaying empty colour books (Window->Swatch Libraries->Color Books->whatever), after a bit of digging found an answer on the Adobe forums by user cmflorido:

If you have FontExplorer Pro installed, then the plugins are the ones at fault. They released an update (that I still haven’t been able to install since it gives me an error when doing so) but this are the listed bugs that were fixed:

Plugin Version for Illustrator CS 5, 5.1 and CS6 Color swatches are now correctly displayed and no longer produce an empty window. Fixed a problem which prevented linked files from being shown or placed in an Illustrator document. Resolved an issue which sporadically caused Illustrator to crash during font activation Font activation did not occur when document names contained an umlaut character (Ä Ö Ü)

The FontExplorer X Pro ‘Check For Update…’ and install process worked fine for me, install the new plugin for AI and restart and all was well again.

Written by , Tuesday 28th August 2012


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